Much loved toys …

My son when he was younger  was very much that pragmatic child such as when asked what his teddy was called he simply replied ” Teddy ” And when he got an Easter  Bunny  yes you guessed it it was called” Bunny “

My son moonlighting as Doctor Who outside his  Tardis.


My son also used “Bunny ” as a pillow when we travelled but as you can see from the picture  this ” Bunny ” is quite bulky.

So this Christmas I was intrigued to see my niece with a soft toy Unicorn, she showed me her toy but it was also a pillow  a ‘ Pillow pet’ !

 My son when he was younger would have loved this sort of toy/pillow and I would have bought him the Easter Bunny ‘Pillow pet’ and yes he still would have called it ” Bunny ‘

Children love stuffed animals based on the way they look.  The Cream Bunny My Pillow Pet has a great cream colour that makes up the body.  It also has two long ears like you would want to see on a bunny stuffed animal.  It has a puffy tail, a smiling face, and two big eyes.  It also has a nice pink nose.  For some extra colour there are multicolored spots on the bottom of the ears.  The soft plush materials that these stuffed animals are made out of look excellent as well.  Overall, I would say that the White Bunny Pillow Pets look cute and are a stuffed toy kids will enjoy , and many a parent will be happy at the sound of a snoring child.

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